For Applicants

Welcome to Museums Alaska's new grant application site. If you've applied to our grant programs before, the application questions should seem familiar to you. Some things are new:

1. Guidelines
Our guidelines have undergone some changes in the last year. Please review the current guidelines for the program before you submit an application. Current guidelines can be found on our website:

2. Creating a Login Profile
All applicants are required to create a login profile. The Individual profile is for Scholarship applicants, and the Organization profile is for Collections Management Fund and Art Acquisition Fund grant applicants.

The login profile serves two primary purposes. For Museums Alaska, it allows us to track your applications more efficiently, and move them through the panel for review. For applicants, it saves some of your basic information, so you do not have to enter it each time you apply for a grant or scholarship.

3. Documents on File
Beginning in 2019, Museums Alaska will keep Collections Policies and 501(c)(3), 509(a), or other Internal Revenue Service code status documentation on file. For applicants, this saves time, so you do not have to upload these documents each time you apply for a grant, unless your organization has updated versions of those documents. Upload your documents by navigating to the "Documents on File" page above.

4. Manage Work Samples
The "Manage Work Samples" page (visible when logged in) will be used to submit images in Art Acquisition Fund grant applications ONLY. This allows panelists to view the images in a more streamlined way during grant review.

5. Optional Draft Review Period
We are now offering an optional grant draft review period. The deadline for the optional draft review period is displayed underneath the grant opportunity on the Current Programs and Applications page (visible when logged in).

NOTE: The optional draft review period is provided by the Program Administrator to give you constructive feedback on your application, and is not a guarantee that your application will be funded. All applications are reviewed by a 5-member panel after final submission. The panel does not review your grant during the optional draft review period.

6. Example Applications
We have provided a few examples of successful applications for the Art Acquisition Fund and Collections Management Fund programs.

NOTE: These are provided to give you several examples of the types of applications that have been funded in the past, and should not be used as a template off which to base your own application.

Questions? Contact the program administrator.